The Lion Fish Seal Thingy

This is my Lion Fish Seal Thingy. Enjoy!!


Very nice! Is it rigged(put on AO)

I wouldn’t call this thing finished, but nice character!

Those are some nice poses. Really needs a better scene though.

Hold on a second!

If your model sits on a plane with the default gray material against the default blue background lit by the one default lamp, it’s not finished.

Rocketman, surely if he considers it finished then its finished, he’s obviously still new and learning heh?.

Mmm, gonna have to agree with rocketman on this one. The whole ‘Im done with it, so its done.’ thing can get a little slippery…

First off, yeah, simply changing the default background would help. Something about that blue just gives it a bad look as soon as I see it.

Also work out the specularity on the seal, its kind of inhibiting the view of the model.

Some more attention to lighting would really help.

The modeling doesnt look too bad, but the deformation is iffy, making me think youve got some messy loops going on.

Id take this over to the WIP forum and get some critiques. Its got plenty of potential, but its got a bit to go before its really finished.

Keep it up!

Okay. Thanks. I’m new. I’ll follow your advice and put this in WIP first. :smiley:

Blenderman345:Very nice! Is it rigged(put on AO)

how to put it on AO(what is AO)?

Hey, its totally cool, weve all been there :smiley: Look forward to seeing your work in the future!