The Little Flower

worked on this all day yesterday. i just wanted a simple image. render time was ginormous ! i pretty much had to let it render over night ;]

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The Gimp(post pro)

Hello Nehpets!

This is very cool! I love the idea and the dof effect.

I would be interested to know what technique did you use for populating the sphere with the buildings? Did you us some kind of duplivert?



Very nice! Though I must confess I don’t care that much for the flower. It looks too tall and strong, and not fragile enough to pity it :slight_smile:

But well… i don’t expect you to render it again… is that yafray DOF?

@ TheWood: There is a script called the discombulator. It can make these ‘greebles’ as they are called. I don’t know whether nehpets used that though.

TheWood: thanks man. it was just the 'bobulator script, then i deleted everything but the buildings and replaced the original mesh with a sub’d sphere.

wah_tak: yeah, the flower sucks…but your right, i won’t render again :]

and yes, the DOF is yafray…and a little gimp(it was a little sharp in some areas)

The lighting is excellent, and it is a good idea, although not fully worked out I think.

thanks ! and yeah, i know the idea can be worked on a bit. but this is just kinda a sidetrack from my subway scene :]

I think it’s a fantastic idea- just try some different (darker) colors, if you don’t mind rendering overnight again :slight_smile:

I think the discombobulator is too obvious… they aren’t shaped quite like buildings. Otherwise I like it.

HOSJ: yeah, i may rework this sometime…sigh i hate rendering :]

thelonesoldier: its not supposed to be super detailed…i wanted the focus on the flower…so i left out the details on the buildings. and besides, the 'bobulator script at the moment isint really that great for close-up details.

It’s not the detail, it’s that I’ve never seen a building that consists of three parallel towers only feet or yards apart.

well, if you haven’t noticed. this isin’t really realistic :] so i guess it can look however i want.