The little Girl

Hey guys, a month ago i started my studies in blender and Cycles.

I already work with CG using 3ds max/Vray and Modo/Octane and decided to study blender because it’s free and i really was impressed with what blender was doing recently.

So after watching so many videos as a human actually can. Thank you Andrew Price (Blender Guru) and Cédric Lepiller (Blender Lounge), i just realized that i could start producing something good.

And here it goes. I need to do a lot of things yet. Learn how to do her hair and rework on her eyebrows and eyelashes. Find a way to use displacent efficiently. Improve the clothing using a fallof over my shaders. Improve my SSS shader in a way it renders faster. Model some extra details and so on.

I did everything inside blender. Just for texturing the little girl i used photoshop and quixel suite and xnormal to bake maps cycles baking don’t support.
As you can see there a long way to go. So any tip you can give me about blender will be much appreciated =)
I’m so sorry for my terrible english =/

EDIT: Sorry! I forgot to include the concept!

Oh, very nice. The clothes look a bit rubbery, so I’d play with the shader’s a bit. Fabric tends to desaturate and lighten a bit at glancing angles, as the light tends to illuminate all the little translucent fuz and threads (Thanks to Kent Trammell and his character shading series for that tip!)

The eyes and face look a bit alien to me. It’s a very fine line, I know, especially with such a stylized character. Maybe seeing her with hair will help.

Otherwise, looks great! And welcome to Blender! In addition to the resources you’ve mentioned, I would HIGHLY recommend Blender Cookie. Their videos and courses tend to be more discipline-focused, so it’s easy to find and get a very thorough understanding of a specific topic, especially if it’s something you’ve been struggling with.

Thank you Erik! Yes, i will work more on her clothes, add some fallof (fresnel should work, mixing it with my diffuse map) to simulate this kind of desaturation but her clothes are thick like wool or jeans so probably i won’t use translucency. =))