The Little Match Seller

This fairytale written by Hans Christian Andersen has always been one of my favorites. The bitter-sweet end makes that children (and adults) never get tired of hearing the story over and over again.

When I decided to animate this story, I wanted to give it a different look and feel than the Disney and Pixar styled cartoons. More or less by chance I came up with this “Old-dutch-painters-style” But it worked for me.

I hope this short movie works for you too.

The movie was mainly created in Blender and the beautiful music I used, was written by Kai Engel. You can find more music by him on

Due to my relatively old en modest hardware (4GB dual core) it was quite a challenge to keep rendering times (time to generate the indivudual images) at acceptable levels. Creative use of layers, the node-editos and re-using movieparts made this possible.


Very nice work gerardopblender. The music choice was also good.

Very great stuff.