the little toon barbarian : lattice issue

Hi guys, this is my first post,
I’m using blender for nearly 1 year, and I try this time to make a little toon character. and I have some issue with my rigging :

I use lattice+ hook to deform the mouth of my barbarian guy. but I see that I have strange motion in the 3d view and also in the render animation …; I don’t understand what is the problem with it… if you have any idea, I would be glad to have any piece of information about that…

if you want to have a look to the rigging to see if some things can be improve I will be glad to have your opinion too.

I also have a problem with a shader anisotropic on the helmet I have “big square” instead of a smooth shading using ray shadow…if you have any idea too

and last I can’t find a tutorial on IK/FK switch if you have information about that it would be cool to…

thank’s in advance

here a little video of my problem lattice issue see on frame 10 to have a clear exemple:

and the blend file :


I’m on windows, blender 2.46RC4


Hey guys, as I was saying in the animation sub-forum, my weird deformation issue is solved!!! it was a bad parenting : never parent a hook to his lattice, parent to the leading bone of the armature!!!

I always have my anisotropic shader issue … if anyone has an idea for that, it would be cool!!