The living mask

SSS and Painting

All modeling poly by poly that is the one i prefer :wink: with some subsurf you know that thingy…in modifier stack :smiley:

Lost the UV painting

:smiley: blender 2.44

Just chilling after learned something “art” :smiley: a big result of my scketching month

Hope you like it!

Crits are welcome !

No reference picture just maped the grid to 4x4 measure and made some prooportions in my mind!

Grid help allot one thing is that the SNAP to grid do not work :frowning:

A feature i wanna see in blender node materials the filter node (shapen blurr) and layer option for UV drawing you know…photoshop has layer… gimp has layer… Blender has layers in 3d but no in 2d :smiley:

Made in 5 h this nighit my time is 5:40 AM i can`t sleep now :smiley:

So i`ll read your crits with this kind of look “:eek:” :)))

Thumbs up felow…

Lookin’ good! The nose looks a little too stubby, and the biggest problem is the painting. It’s well done in some areas, but it looks like he/she got beat in the face. It’s overly red in some areas, and some areas have a sort of splotchy look.

That may be your intent, I don’t know.