The Lizard

this is sort of an update of and old charactire but its mostly just a cool lizard thingy. I spent a few hour today on this and this is what got. this is the first time in a while Ive just tryed to may a character look good without worrying about complexity. and dont worry I not done yet I plan to and at least one more level of multie teirs or at least enoug the add scaley look with the sculpting bush tool.

tell me what you think Good, Bad, or Ugly?

Hehe, kinda cute. Don’t really have any advise, but I think that in that ref. pose he kinda looks like he’s trying to scare you, sorta ‘roar, dangit!’

I think it looks great so far except the tail seems out of proportion to the body… to thick and long.

I went even deeper and added another layer of multie teirs and its looking better but I have problem. I sort of applyed the multie teirs to test somthing not intending to save:yes: and then I accsidently… saved:o, … twice:eek:. I know its soundes unaturally dumb but I didnt remember applying them and I what to make sure I saved my progress. so is there any way to unapply them so rigging it wont be a horrible nightmare of pain and misory?