The "logic" of Blender

I’m still relatively new to Blender and how it all works but I’m trying my best to understand it all. One thing that’s leaving me a bit confused is the seperation of objects, meshes and armitures. Let me explain.

I have read on a couple of posts that if you are goign to model a character, let’s say, you should use several objects to make it and not just one object and then if you add an armiture that’s yet another object.

So now if it’s a character that I use a lot my understanding is that I have to import each object seperately. Is there a way to just have the character as ONE object - bones and all so I don’t have to worry about reassembling is every time I want to use him?

If I want to move my computer to the next room I don’t want to have to reasemble it when I get there I just want to pick up the box and go.

Can someone who’s been around the block a couple of times please try to explain this. Thanx.

Keeping things seperate is sometimes the most organized way to work. When you want to move them / append them just select them all together. You can multiple select Objects etc. Hope that helps …

EDIT: Ctrl-A selects all objects to append. I believe on the Mac you can Apple drag select items. On PC Ctrl select don’t seem to work 2.4

When you use Append, just drag the right mouse button over all the things you want to import at once.

Hope this helps.