The Londaier warriors hidout

well this is where the londaier warriors go when they need to be safe. its not going to be a big house just a small cottage out of the way. nobody can find it but them.

well here is the start

If the image isnt showing click here

very good modeling!Are you going to do all the house?

Well hear is a little update. i just dont know what to do.

should i make the walla with more small rocks or make it out of a voroni f1-f2 crackle rock texture.

Depends on how much time and effort you want to spend.

Me, I’d do it with a texture, and bumpmap it, but then again, I’m very lazy ;).

ive decided to go with texturing and heres how it going so far

crits are ins erious demand

because you told me: Nice!

hey that house is looking nice i cant really think of any crits apart from the windows they look “odd”


Looks good so far. The windows look a bit odd. But I love the door :smiley:

Yeah sorry i forgot to tell ya/ on the last picture i took out the wooden beam because their textures are yet done. i put the beam on in the next update :smiley:

ok im having serious doubts about the wood texdture its the reasonm i took trhe beams out of the last update. can u give me crits and maybe some texture sites i need to fix this problems.

Looks good so far, just keep on keeping us up to date and we’ll give you improvement suggestions as they come up, roughen up the rocks around the door a little

ok guys ive nearly done the house after this i will get started on scene. C&C welcome.

ok a few crits

The house wouldn’t stand very long…it would crush under its own weight. The rock that makes the 4columns are just not placed well enough. You seems to have modelled all of them so they got some weird looking shape (which should add to the “rock” feel)…but it’s too messy. And even if those were decorative, they aren’t “good looking” enough to be so. Decorative rocks are more square and sharp habitually.

As for the roof, you seems to have modelled alot of thing on there. The problem is, the material kinda scrapt it. Everything is the same color or almost which make it hard to see the details. There is also some spec points, which shouldn’t really appear on wood…

One other thing that is really lacking in this is proper lighting. I know I know this isn’t a final scene…BUT if you want us to critic the model and all we need to see it propoerly under a good lighting. Adding shadows and thing. If this is going to be a still image, having the lighting of the “future” scene will help the viewer to understand why some part don’t need more work or things like that.

Keep it up!

cool job, pity that u’ve decided not to make all the walls of separate stones :wink:
i really like it, looking forward to see this finished…

well a little texturing update. blender keeps crashing so until i get the prob solved u wont see too many modeeling updates.

Ok guys the texturing of the house is done. so ive preety much finished the house.
:smiley: now i have to work on the scene C&C welcome. ill keep u posted.

i wanna see the environment!
cool work, post some interior renders :wink:

Nice cartoonish style, and I agree with pavcioo, make an environment for it.