The Lone Gunmen (tv show) Predeicts 9/11

Ok, so before 9/11 on march 2001, there was a show that launched called “The Lone Gunmen”, it was a spin off from the X-Files, it was a group of CTists who were trying to stop the NWO. WEll, the very first episode, the pilot episode was about the government highjacking a plane by hacking its computer and slamming it into the WTC, why, to start a global war on terroism:

A Clip from the Pilot episode:

Interview on The Alex Jones Show with Dean Hagman, one of the actors on The Lone Gunmen and the X-Files

There’s also government documentation on a similar idea that was created back in JKF’s day called Operation Northwoods, JFK didn’t pass the legislation to commit this false flag, later he was assasinated:

interview with an Author talking about it:

Wikipedia about the document:

THe PDF of the document:

Makes you think eh?
Well anyways, I loved The Lone Gunmen, they were my favorite part of the X-Files, when I saw the pilot episode and then saw 911 unfold, Ithought it was particularly strange that all this was going on just like the episode.


Pandora’s box is now open and ready for business :eek:

Lo, yep [email protected], it’s been open for quite some time.
One of these days this country will be nuked and we won’t have to worry about it cause we’ll all be dead.
That’s just looking at the bright side of the future lol.


To think there is warning here and we are ignoring it. I’m going to wrap myself in tin foil now.

There’s nearly as much discussion on conspiracies here now as the AboveTopSecret forums.

Is it conspiracy week or something:eek:

So that movie about a terrorist putting bombs on a bus…:eek:

Oh dear… god

I just watched a movie about the world being overrun by giant spiders…

Don’t tell me…

NO I don’t wanna hear it…

“Man who fires many shots will inevitably hit target.”:yes:

um, I don’t think any nation would have the nerve to declare war w/ us.
At least assuming you live the U.S… because we have literally hundreds of nukes that the U.N. allows us to keep.

Not to mention we have the largest and most powerful Navy, and Airforce. And if anyone somehow gets past those, and onto our continent, they have to deal with one of the largest, and powerful Army.


There’s nearly as much discussion on conspiracies here now as the AboveTopSecret forums.

That’s why I made the comment on pandora’s box being opened. It’s all getting a little ridiculous.

Then King Kong will be brought in to finish the job in the Empire State. It’s true! Fidel Castro has been talking about it for ages! lol.

Whomever it was that hypothetically came from the CIA or the NSA to tip Hollywood scriptwriters wasn’t too bright. If he had evidence, shouldn’t he have brought it to the attention of the news media?

Here’s another scenario worth considering too: somewhere in a cave in the Afghan desert, a radical American-hater watches several American shows and films that promote anti-government paranoia, both in the US and the rest of the world. He rubs his hands… the time is just right for his plans.

Curiously enough, arms dealers are also the motivating force, at least according to Oliver Stone, behind JFK’s assassination, so this particular Gunmen plot would rest on a popular version (who cares about the facts? politics are won on the basis of popular perception.)

So did any of you guys watch the videos, read the documentation?
It’s all a little too coensodental. If you watch all the vids, you’ll figure it out, and no CD, this is nothing compared to ATS, which I am a member of.


CubOfJudahsLion, it’s not life imitating art, it’s the other way around.

I notice most of you folks either make personal attacks (which is one of the first signs that someone is losing an argument), or you make silly outlandish comparrisons, that don’t really compare. I’ve given you actual government documentation along with intervoews and a clip that depicts nearly the exact thing that happend and all you can do is make fun of and ridicule. Why? Because you cannot contest it, you cannot disprove it, so all you can do is laugh and say it’s not real, I bet is a snake jumped out and bit you you’d deny it’s existance as well. It may not make you happy to think this is true, but it is, the truth is’nt always a happy thing, it rarely is, but if you don’t except it, then you are a fool.

So I challenge you guys, disprove my evidence, show me the contrary, btw, did you know most of the 9/11 hi-jackers are still alive? It’s even posted on a CIA terrorist tracking website.
Attack the evidence, not the person presenting it.


You have in wrong, my friend. We are just in denial. If the government was a horrible as some make it seem, would you want to live in that world? NO.

We believe only what we want to believe, regardless. That’s human nature. That’s why war exists. That’s why 50% of criminals say they are innocent when they are clearly guilty (some actually are innocent though). That’s why dogging Britney and Paris matters more than helping a neighbor. That’s why the government can do no harm. That’s why FOX News exists:cool:.

Get it. Good.

Don’t see anyone doing this.?

you got this backwards. Usually when someone comes up with some idea/theory, they prove it, instead of asking others to prove the already known truth. mebbe you should prove YOUR evidence first, if you ever want us to change our views.

Not saying I agree/disagree with any of these views, I’m just stating my first thoughts, and undoubtedly others.


Ah, if only everyone were so wise…

Unless he’s shooting in the opposite direction :smiley:


Haha, with so many of these threads lately, I think he’d still be the wiser :wink:

Well, it depends, what is he shooting for?


Another thing about tv I find kinda weird is there was a show called The Greatest American Hero, about a character called Ralph Hinkley. Now, TV goes to great pains to pick names of people that are not common in real life, right? Well, a few years later, guess the real name of the guy who shoots Ronald Reagan? You guessed it…Ralph Hinkley. How strange a coincidence is that?

Play the first Ghost Recon. In one level you play American Troops in Georgia fighting off Russians and it takes place in April 2008 I think.
Pretty close for a game from 2001

Are you referring to the evidence in your first post, or is there some other evidence you’d like me to debunk for you. Only asking because the evidence in the first post isn’t actually evidence pertaining to 9/11. So…

Link 1) The clips about the Lone Gunmen… That’s all fiction. Someone just made that crap up. Is it an amazing coincidence? Yeah. But think of a big US city. Now think of the tallest building in that city. There’s your target. Go. It’s not that hard to figure out why most people considered the WTC buildings to be a terrorist target. Not to mention the previous bombing incident…

Link 2) That’s a couple guys talking about that show and how interesting the coincidence is.

Links 3, 4 and 5) All of this is about Operation Northwoods… something that was proposed and rejected half a century ago. This has precisely zero correlation to 9/11 as far as evidence is concerned.

As I’ve said before, I don’t think 9/11 was purely terrorism on display. I think there is a substantial amount of cover-up going on. The problem is that so many people assume that the whole damn thing has to be controlled by the government for it to be a conspiracy, when it doesn’t at all. The way so many people make so many utterly illogical propositions in their theories turns me off to a lot of them. Example:

The Missiles On The Planes Theory:
Without even needing to look at video ‘evidence’ I can safely say that there were no missile launchers on the planes, and to even consider it as plausible is only giving away one’s innate desire for the conspiracy to be real. The people touting that the planes had missiles were the same people claiming that the towers were rigged head to toe with explosives. It begs the question: If they were going to bring the towers down, what exactly would be the point of taking all of the risk to install visible missile launchers onto planes just to create a marginally bigger explosion? Was the fireball of jet fuel not enough? or perhaps it was to weaken the building? The building that was already rigged to be brought down, and needed no more damaging?

The theory - aside from being flat out wrong - only proves in it’s existence that the majority of the 9/11 theorists and theories are just the idle ramblings of high-school students who are, apparently, only able to think for themselves for short spans of time, and are apparently incapable of looking at this stuff with any sort of critical eye. They see only what they want to see, and any other explaination (you know… the mundane, plausible stuff) is laughed at as being ridiculous. Oh, the irony.

There was actually a meeting right after Loose Change (the first version) was originally released, because there were so many theories, and the theorists were fighting among each other over who was more right. They decided to just take the best bits of all the theories and stress those the most. Thus, on the newest versions of Loose Change, the bits about the missile launchers on the planes has been removed, along with various other info and BS removed or changed. That movie isn’t all BS, and they make some good points, but they focus on a lot of dumb crap as well.