The Lonely Worm

The Lonely Worm

This is beautiful! Love the atmosphere and feel to it!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Poor worm…

great image!
I do think the worm could have been glossier and have some sss

Pretty smooth, I mean, without any residual noise. Pretty eye-catching as well. Nice composition, DOF and color harmony. The worm looks a little bit weird/stretched. Maybe, slightly better materials on that worm might help a bit. But nice job anyway.

Great composition :slight_smile:

Shame the worm doesn’t have some slight translucency and a bit more SSS

It is a wormely story about a lost soul… It will be left in the blue abyss to drown and die alone, and become a bait. Goodbye endless dreams. Goodbye never ending life… I won’t be back

I Love your qoute! It fits just so perfectley wiht the picture! I love it! I am pretty stocked that someone would come up with such awesomeness looking at one of my pictures! <3