The long-awaited lib-overrides is now enabled by default

It has finally happened.

Overridable properties, which has been a serious limitation in Blender when it comes to using instances, is now officially a thing (because of this commit enabling it by default).

There does seem to be a small chance it could be disabled again if the overrides are not fully ready by the time 2.81 goes into bugfix mode, but there has been a lot of work done and the feature should now be usable at this moment.

This should definitely make it far more viable to use instances in scenes.


This is hugeee

Gonna wait for the kinks to be worked out but this should make linking rigged characters much easier. I have characters with soft-body physics (mainly for hair) and it’s always a hassle getting it to work in a linked project. Hair jumping around, changing settings in the host file and re-loading, etc. Really happy about this.

I have an issue with overrides. I was experimenting with trying to add shape keys to a linked character. I linked the character into a new scene, added an override to the object data, and then added shape keys that would be specific to that scene. However, when I closed and reopened the scene, the new shape keys weren’t saved. Is this going to be fixed or is there a workaround?

In the Doc’s they’ve mentioned that override operations that are not supported will reset on open and close of the file. So this is probably a known Todo…

Any word on when shape keys will be supported?