The Long Awaited Reply

Thanks to those on the CGC Community site that helped me find my vision for this one.

The photo I referenced.
The photographers main page.

I’d also like to thank Reynante Martinez and Andrew Price for selecting this for their Top 10 for February.

To be honest: I like it more than the reference! The colors are great in my opinion and I esaccially like the “dirt” of the bottle. Wow! Like it very much! I exactly know why this image is in the top 10 of feburary!

To be honest: I like it more than the reference!

It’s funny because I was going to say the same thing until I read your post Daniel:)

Anthony, first off congratulations for being mentioned in Gurus top monthly picks, well deserved! I would encourage everyone to click on the larger image because you really get a better appreciation for the lovely colors in this render. Not much more can be said other than a really great image and very nice compositing.

It would be interesting to know how you lit this.

Yes you render is better than the reference . awesome glass shader

Looking damn good Anthony. You should take regular well deserved breaks from animating. I did smile when it opened fully through. The cork covered about 1/3 of my monitor.

God that looks beautiful, great work man!

yes, it looks really better than the reference image :slight_smile: great texturig

this bottle material is really awesome…
Although, seeing the reference image, I think the orange sun and its reflections really added to the picture and it’s lost in you render… that being said, yours still looks better that way, for sure.
Very nice work!

I love the glass material :smiley: How did you made it? Can you share node setup and tell what texture did you use for displacement?

This warms me to no end. I found the photo beautiful and for someone to like this more is gratifying, thank you.

Thank you Harley. I think you will be underwhelmed if I tell you the lighting set up but I will because you asked. :cool:

Thank you Sir.

I take more breaks than I should from my animating, deserved or not. :wink: lol
Glad you liked it and I promise to get back on the animation soon.

My heart sang with this comment, truly. My thanks.

You are to kind but my thanks none the less.

First off thank you for your kind judgment. If you follow the link to the CGC community boards where I posted the wip for this you will see that I had originally tried to incorporate the sun reflection into the scene. In the end it was just taking away from the bottle to much and had to go.

And now we come down to it. As requested Pawel here is the node set up for the glass and for Harley my chump lighting.

I used this grundgemap in all three Image Texture nodes.

I used this HDRI for the environment and ambient lighting.
The sun lamp is more or less only there to add the light bounces into the glass and just a touch of color to the more reflective rocks.

Any other questions feel free to ask and I’ll try my best to answer.

Thanks for posting the glass breakdown … that glass bottle really came out sweet … you are quickly becoming a node guru :slight_smile:

Beautiful work Anthony, and many, many congrats on the top row! I was blown away when I enlarged the picture, well done Sir! :smiley:

Beautiful work. One minor question: is the purple colour cast intentional?

Thanks. I’ll just quote Bob Ross here and leave it at: “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.”

Thank you very much V, I hope to be as proficient in Cycles as you are BI one day.

No problem, thank you and um doubtful. I just got lucky. :wink:

As an added note about the glass material, I forgot to mention that the inside of the bottle has its own material. It is almost identical to the outside material that I posted the nodes for except for … play with it and see. :wink:

*puts on “Police - Message in a bottle”

Great work :slight_smile:

Ditto on the preference for your work over the reference.

The reference bottle was a bit too clean to give the impression of time as your rendition so clearly did.

Very nice work!!

Hey, check out the ‘Realistic Ice’ tutorial on creativeshrimp_com
It has a lot of tips for such kind of material.

Congratulations on the top row incorporation. Well deserved for this nice work!

Looks better than original photo :slight_smile:

Really nice work!