The long, hard, slow road to becoming a sculptor...

It’s time i learned to used that mysterious yet fascinating part of blender that i usually shy away from: Sculpting.

A true WIP this one, as i have no idea how long it will take or when i will be happy with my skills.

In this thread i will put my little sculpts and (hopefully) see them grow in detail and accuracy.


Here is my first ever sculpt. It took about 40 mins, but most of that was learning the new controls in sculpting.

I am not even attempting to go for accuracy yet, this was a simple exercise to get me using the tools. I had no idea what i was going to do when i started with the default cube.

I really need to look up some of the shortcuts for the brushes. i think that will help. So far i have found the clay strips and crease brush to be the most useful.

It also stuck me how much detail is lost when adding a material. In this case it was a good thing :slight_smile: I’ve gone for the weathered statue look (who knows? maybe it was decent one day)


Rather a SiP (Skill in Progress), than a WiP. But no worry - we can take a sip or more of your attempts.

L.E. I’d point out that your first head looks really like a worn-out stone sculpture, but that testifies more your skill as a texturer.

I have always admired the talents of sculptures… no doubt it is a very difficult field to master. The retopologizing thing has always been a little confusing to me.

What I rarely see is anyone bring these cool sculptures to life in the form of animation.

Here is a simple penguin. Took me 30 mins to sculpt. I’m finding the tools a bit easier to use already.

I then started to play around with the materials.


Today i have spent 45 mins on some fruit. The banana was the hardest, getting the straight edges to flow right without adding/taking away too much clay was tough…

I left it untextured this time, as this is supposed to be about me learning to sculpt, not texture.


are you talking about Sculpt and nultires or dynatopo here ?

and did you do the retopo phase to get a clean mesh ?

happy blendering

Hey RickyBlender. All Dynatopo so far. I will start look at multires soon. And no retopology yet, i’m still getting the hang of just using the brushes and a tablet with blender!

dynatopo allow to make min poly if the sculpt is not all over
otherwise use sculpt tool with multires!

and retopo is necessary if you intend to do animation where you need min deformation
otherwise not really necessary!

also there is new paint tool being developed which is very interesting and powerfull
in GSOC project
cant wait to test this

but will come may be in next version

happy blendering

This is part of another project, but i’m going to pop it in here just to keep a record of my sculpts.