The lost bracelet (Updated)

I modelzed leaves and put them in situation.

Rendered with Yafray using HDRI and bump mapping for both leaves and soil. Some postprocessing for DOF and improves.

Rendered with internal renderer and AO, bump mapping is used for both leaves and soil. Some postprocessing for DOF and improves.

A mix of both images made with PS layers.

Which one do you prefere ?

As usual C&C are welcome.

The ring and the leaves look really realistic, can only think of the ground that looks a little blurred.

looks great, but like the other said, needs some better ground material, however the same color - the color pallete is good. You should think of using some small bits of dew to really add to the detail! A larger render wouldn’t hurt :wink:

I add anothere image rendered with internal render engine and AO.

did you use a different ground texture for the Blender Internal one? its either that or Yafray has a much nicer bump mapping than the Internal renderer. could just be the lighting too… anyways, solid work, i like the Yafray version except the leaf texture could use some sharpening and maybe some more saturation in the color (as in the Blender Int version).
also, did you do any sharpening on the output or any resampling? i have trouble getting a good crisp texture sometimes, no matter how hi res.
good job


I think the first one is better, because the second one seems a little bit over saturated, in the first one, the colors are colder as it is supposed to be under the sky.
And in the last one, there is less contrast because of the uffizi skymap (i guess this is the uffizi probe :D)

But there some kind of strange blur on the leaves on the first picture (not caused by the dof, but maybe by the nor layer, i don’t know).

Nice picture anyway.

I use the same ground texture in both scenes and I made some sharpening in postprocessing but very few. I also have trouble to get crisp textures and I noticed that with high resolution images I get low crisp result, sometimes it’s better to reduce the resolution. One way to get nice bump effect is to use two images, one in B&W to set the NOR parm (no color) in the texture settings and one to give the color (no NOR then).


Both images are made with the same HDRI “Building probe” image (not uffizi but it is almost the same :slight_smile: ). The last one is really a mix of the two first images using the layers I just set one image to 50% to let the second appear behind the first, by this way I try to get the best of both world !

The first one has a lot better shadows :slight_smile: cool image

Please forgive my ignorance, being a newbie and all, but what exactly is AO & HDRI ? :-?

Learn the power of the intarweb.

Here too

Ambient Occlusion - Internal Blender Engine way of global lighting. Just go into world panel, go to the Ambient Occ sub-panel, and turn it on. Poof! Instant lighting!

HDRI - YafRay’s global lighting. Long explanation there.

oh, and lonesoldier? your first link has absolutely NO english sites till the very bottom of the second page. And I quit looking for a relevant result after about 18 pages. %|

Finally I remodelled the leaves using another texture and created a new scene, again it’s a mix (using PS layers) of a Yafray and an internal AO rendering, this is probably the last one.