The Lost Coast - BGE competition entrie


This is the game I entered for the competition.
I started working on this a short time ago.

Short description:
The Lost Coast is an action-adventure game situated on an island in the gulf of Mexico. After you crashed on the island. Your creative mind and lots of courage must help you to find a way to get of the island again.

If you would like to give a helping hand, just send me a PM.



Umm, arent u gonna show us something more,please?

Umm, what is? you havn’t even written what style of game it will be, whats the playable character and plot…let alone post sceenies.

Please add a little more to show what the game IS.

I will post the screens tomorrow.

I shall be watching this…

so shall i, hope it’s good. :wink:

Game Name: The Lost Coast
Brief Game Description: It is an action-adventure game on an island.

I am still awaiting the promised screens.:wink:

The screens are posted.

Holy cow. It looks like a bucketload of small leaves on the tree closest to the camera in the first image. Either you’ve got a heap of polys in there or you’ve optimized really well!

Ohh, looks awesome…but i have two crits:

Like Blendiac said…those trees look like they are using a lot of Polys…and the sea looks a bit…unnatural.

But it does look very nice.

I think you should use normal maps to make those textures look less flat and play a bit more with the shader sliders. Otherwise great work. Poly count looks high but if it runs ok then no worries about that.

Thanks for the good replies. I will make normal maps this
week. The polycount of the ivy is a little to high, but I will
reduce this. :wink:

Looks pretty.:wink:

I’ve updated the alpha channels.
I will add grass and better normalmaps this weekend.

I’d add a reflection texture to the water. It looks like paper, not water.
It looks pretty nice after all.

You should make some good animated normal maps for the water, then it would look awesome.

this should help greatly:yes:


water.blend (167 KB)

Sorry, the first two screens were old ones.
I’ve already made new water. I’ll post the screens this week.

I have added shadows to my game, but I’ve ran into a problem.
The shadows are realtime generated from a spotlight.
In picture 1 you can see that the leaves cast shadow. (3d view)
Now in picture 2 they don’t cast shadow anymore. (Game engine)
The leaves are planes with alpha textures. I know that alpha planes don’t cast shadow.
But I really need it, because a jungle without shadows isn’t really a jungle.


what’s the point of the game?