the lost thread

hey this can probably be answered real easy but i still want to know.
just when people seem to start getting interested in a coversation, start posting weird pictures of cats and stuff. and just when you want to post somthing back but you cant cuase you fell asleep. they close it, like WHAM! and your like NOOOO :frowning: so many things left unsaid. what i want to know is:

  1. why do they close such good threads
  2. who has the power to close threads
  3. did they close the thread because we didnt include them in the conversation
  4. is there a list of words you cant say or they will close the thread
  5. dose someone get bored and just say “hey! lets close a thread! that should be fun!”
  6. will this thread be closed…
  7. how come every time i post in a thread or post a thread, the conversations end up somwhere totally different from how i where them to go.
    8)how do they get the little m’s on the M&Ms
  8. if a tree falls in the forrest and no one is around to hear it, dose anyone really care that it fell
  9. why do i always have to scroll to the top of my post to remeber what i was first talking about
  10. i wonder what i will eat for lunch today.
    11 questions of doom! answer with another question or just answer them.

err… probably?!! :eyebrowlift:

Yes, this is why all threads are closed :wink:

Short answer, yes.

They employ under-privileged dwarves whose literary prowess is limited to writing the letter M


A can of Forum Mod whupass?

How many inches are in a mile?

NJROTC dude, whatever you’re smoking I want some! Must be some good shite mon:eyebrowlift2: (ps: just teasing ya)

Another PS: yeh I’m afraid I’m pretty darn sure this thread will be locked, especially if Cyborg Dragon posts in here 'cause then the SHIT will really hit the fan.

63360 inches in one mile. How random is that number? We need to switch to metric in the US.

Anyone who has “moderator” under their name has the power.

It’s an off-topic chat. What do you expect?
People tend to…um…get off topic…

You think?:yes:

      1. You best be looking at this matey ta answer yer questions
  1. Aye, it may.
  2. Ye are posting in the off topic…argh what do ye think!
  3. Arr, you best be seeing number 1 on this page.
  4. Me hears the forest be crawling with animals ta always hear a sound…so tis question be one for Davie Jones locker!
  5. This here be a reason for number 7. Arr.
  6. This here website has te answer for anything.

Aye aye, the US should be using the metric, it be much easier to weigh me gold!

Moderators don’t like normal offtopic chatter here. They only like:
-Spam game threads
-Tech help threads
-One year old tech news and funny videos
-Personal stories about theeth’s mother

Bonus points if Linux is mentioned in any of the above.

And that’s about it. Anything funny needs to be at least a year old and needs to have been seen by 75% of internet goers or else it will be locked.


Do I get extra points?

That’s a negative.

I should get back to blender. I haven’t opened it since Saturday.
I’ve been busy trying to get my average daily posts number up.

hmm it seems contratictory to close a thread that went off topic in a off topic forum.

If tongue means language, and it also means the muscle used to manipulate things inside your mouth and what you use to taste and smell, then isn’t it logical that you wouldn’t want to EVER put your tongue inside another person’s mouth?

  1. You will have pork.

Then you’ll choke and curse the day you ate that pork chop.

i actually ate a porkchop for lunch today and choked a little bit. no lie! it really happened!

Really? Damn im good = )


still no one has locked this thread… but the moderators are nocturnal. they mostly come out at night,… mostly. SPARTANS! LET IT BE KNOWN THAT ABOUT eh, six or seven MEMBERS STOOD AGAINST THE MODERATORS AND DIED FOR POSTING FREEDOM! FOR BLENDER!!! (im not gonna die though, im gonna run away and tell my fellow spartans a story about what we did.)