The Lounge

This is still part of a complete project, whereby I intend to continue with the rest of the house, and is a complete re-work of a previous project, where everything is rebuilt from the ground up and the textures are all new.

Lounge is done. Cycles, 2800 samples and around 6.5 hours to render.

i know I posted in finished, but the more I looked at it, the less happy with it I was, and so I added wallpaper (blown vinyl) and went through three overnight renders before I found a node setup I liked on it. This time, I added some colour correction and DoF (both in post). I also didn’t like the “carved from a single lump of wood” look on the dining chairs (as nice as it may be to have chairs like that, they just felt wrong), so I made them more “manufactured”.


I think you have a problem with your scale. The rooms feels to low.
For me, the first version was better.

It’s the identical model. 2.4 m high.

EDIT: I see where you are coming from now I look. I think the room is fine, but maybe the dining table and chairs are too tall? The room is Archviz, and the sideboard and bookcase are also archviz. I used the sideboard as my benchmark for the table, which was in turn the benchmark for the chairs. I think maybe I should shrink them.

I didnts say it is to low it just feels like.
Normal table height is about 74cm, and a chair a seat height of 45cm.
Just look at ikea shop and see the measurements.

OK. Replaced image 2 with the latest render. A guy I work with said that the blurring was too string, too, and he’s just a guy with no 3D experience, so I’ll take that. Table shrunk and DoF turned down. Look there ^

Oh, a flaw in the forums. Replacing the image retains the old one. Don’t look at the generated thumbnail, go for the top image. Of course, it gives a side by side if you want.