The Low Poly Gas Station Project

A couple few weeks back, I’m sitting around, doing a whole bunch of nothing, when this guy hits me up about a project. He’s one of those programmer types, and wants to goof around with making an engine. Already has a surprising amount done, but he wants someone who’s halfway decent at modelling to make some objects and scenes for him. Something to show it off.

“Well hell, man. I’m pretty sure I’m at least a quarter of the way decent. I’m up for this”. I say a quarter of the way because I know what a vertex is (vertices, too). Also faces. Edges still kinda throw me for a loop, though. Needless to say, my extensive knowledge of the inner workings of 3D graphical designery hoohah is only just shy of Extreme Professional level (who are all certified halfway decent), and I should lend out my talents out both for the much needed extra practice, and the good of the world. I need that one quarter decency quotient before I can write 3D Expert on my fake diploma with a crayon. I’ll draw it out with my left hand, so as to make it look extra tragic.

So here’s the setup. I’ve limited myself to a rather modest 25,000 quads. I have to cram as much detail through the textures as I can, specially since I want a goodly bit of grass and light foliage in the scene. How realistic can I make it look? Can I make it look realistic at all with that low of a polycount? Hell, can I make it look good at all?

5000 quads and 14 textures in, I figured I’ve got enough to start showing things off…

The Lonely Desert Gas Station

A closeup shot of the main building

…and I’ve still got 20,000 more quads to play with. The grass is a little sparse, and it needs a ton more throwaway details to really flesh it out, but I think it’s coming along fairly well. At the very least, it’s been great practice for coming to terms with Blender.

So what do you all think so far? Feel free to comment, criticize, or hurl angry insults in my general direction.

are you sure you didn’t just copy this from Fallout?

Pretty damn. Styling is similar, but the work is all mine.

Cool looks like something I could really find in a PS3 game.

haha I was just kidding. Looks just like fallout NV stuff to me. Which is probably a good thing in this case.

Hey, no offense. I kinda take it as a complement. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see why someone would think that… I wanted to go with a heavy 50’s style for the station. Like something you’d see abandoned on Route 66 in Texas or New Mexico. Anything going with that theme is gonna end up very, very Falloutish just by association. I didn’t want to go all the way Post-Apocalyptic, though. Just abandoned for a decade or so, and left to molder out in the sun.