The Lunar Jungle

Here was my entry for the 2017 Hum3d Car Render Challenge.
Featured on BlenderGuru’s Top 10 Blender Artworks from October 2017
This is also a Participant of CGTrader Awards at
Inspired by Avatar (the movie), a vast unexplored planet out in space… treacherous mountains and lush jungles full of life waiting to be discovered.
Modeled in Blender, rendered in Blender’s Cycles renderer. Post processing done in Photoshop.
Hope you guys like it!


Wow, this looks great.

Great detail and very nice scene/composition

Outstanding peace!

Thanks everyone!!!

Wow, ths is pretty much perfect! It looks a little bit like it’s driving without a driver, but it might just look like it… :wink:

Thanks! Yes you’re right, I didn’t put a driver in it! lol This vehicle has the steering wheel on the right side rather than the left side and since the sun was glaring on the window I didn’t think it was necessary to do it. Cheers

Cant stop lookin at it! OMG! Perfect!

Man, that is awesome!

Really impressive…

One of the best renders that I have seen in my life

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Just submitted it! Thank you!