The machinery

Hey guys,

this is a project I made while relaxing from my other works. Yeah I know it’s just some cubes but just for my defence I almost used 160 different Materials and that was quite annoying but I just like the strong and colorful look of it :wink:

Comments and Interpretations are welcome. :eyebrowlift:

Looks great, it would make a good wallpaper…as for interpretation…I see it as society and it’s “classes”…

cool idea :yes: Actually I used it as a wallpaper for a short time but then I finished my other project: :slight_smile:

I thought that all that little pieces form something beautiful and perfect but if only one of them would be broken or even missing all this perfection and beauty would be disturbed. In our modern world we rely so much on Technic (including myself) but if only one of them breaks down (like my computer :mad:) everything else could be disturbed or even destroyed (think of an airplane for example).

I just checked your other project and it looks great! I missed it cause everything is pushed down so fast lately! I can see what you mean with this piece, keep it up!( I know, very cliche saying :slight_smile: )

Yeah i agree Cativo it’s a great wallpaper

Thanks for the comments

I made a new Image in the same style called Swarm