The Magician

He’s going to be in a schoolproject where he shows bodylanguages and gestures, so a mime is a very apropiate character for this project.

Let me know what you think so far.

nice image
maybe too many vertices i think

overall i like it!
it has a very good comedic stucture
(ie. he looks like a cartoony mime look)

this would make a great animation, i think!

well done:)

not too many vertices!
Looks absolutely perfect.

not too many vertices!
Looks absolutely perfect.

Agreed! you need Eyelids though…

I hereby agree with Fameworld. It is very skillfully done. Good luck with your project! I want to try to make a scene of romans/greeks fighting for a school project, but it is too hard for me.

totalexodus: What you see isn’t the vertecies it’s just a wire on the mesh in subsurf 1, so it has less vertecies than you think :P.

Yoshi_Rider: Thank you :slight_smile:

Framedworld: Hi, yeah maybe I’ll have to make the eyelids better, thanks.

Tyaedalis: Thank you, yeah it sounds hard to animate… I wouldn’t be able to do it either…

Thanks for stopping by.

I am interested in seeing how your eyebrow topology turns out. Good work.

Woodman5k: Thanks, hope it’ll turn out good.

Finally got some time to work on it so here’s an update:

Thanks for stopping by.

LOL, i like this one.Great work man.Jus one question.Aren’t mimes supposed to wear tight tops inblack and white with straps going around their shoulders holding there pants up?

Anywayz good work.Can’t wait to see the final image!:smiley:

trak wrecka: Yes they have :stuck_out_tongue: but I thought it wasn’t challenging enough to do, and also I wanted him to look good because he’s going to be showned to a lot of people :P. So maybe he’s not a mime, he might be an magician we’ll see what happens next… But mimes can be welldressed too ;). I think we will get the same effect with white gloves to the blackish pingvinsuite like we’ll get with a mimes striped sweater and white gloves.

Let me know what you guys think

really nice model.

the only thing which are weird are the arms. from what i understood you will animate it.
so the arms how they are right now might be hard to animate.

can’t really help you on the but I would make good shoulders and elbows.

same for the legs, when you do them.

the rest is really good

Hi Corknot, thank you, I made the armpits a bit smaller and closer to the body… think that should make it easier to animate.

A small update… worked some more on the cloth around the nec the lapell and so on, so now it’s good. ehm tweaked the head abit more… and started the shapekeying … which might be abit too early when I think of it now, when it’ll be gone when I join everything up … well good practice anyway. Here’s an update

thank you all for viewing.

That’s pretty cool- great model and topology. How long have you been using Blender?

Really, really a great model

May I see a wire of the body.

lol…ok, no crits then!

well done!

(thought that your subsufr1 was actually your base mesh!:o)

Great great work! Been following it here on the sideline, and will continue to.

Crits: (gotta justify posting here in the focused critique forums, hehe) :wink:

  • Maybe the nostrils are a tad too small compared to the rest of the nose?
  • The valley between his eyebrows looks too deep (especially if you consider whether it exists
    in real life…?).

No more to say. Awesome work, man! Hope the crits helped.

Alden: Thanks, I’ve been using blender for 1,5 years now :slight_smile:

Framedworld: Thank you.

Woodman5k: Can make a wire in the next update.

totalexodus: Should have explained it better, my bad.

The M.h.p.e.: Thank you :). About the nostrils… I think they are about the right size, want the nose to look big. ehm about the eyebrowjack… you might be right about that, will look into that to see how it looks without, thanks.

And now for an update:

Still things to do … giv him a tie and some hair and then texture and rigging him, so stay tuned… planning on working my but off tomorrow.

thanks for viewing.

Edit: did a little texturertest

Thats not a mime…

Hehe nope not really :stuck_out_tongue: changed planes, wanted a better challange than just a jumper with stripes… and I also wanted him to look good :). Changed the thread name to Magician which is a more apropiate word for him.

Small update:

Edit agian: Now he’s got hair and eyebrows.

wire comming soon :slight_smile: