The Maid

Hello guys!

I would like to introduce you to another recent character that I developed for the project together with Rogerio Perdiz, Resilience Satelle.

This time it’s the Maid of the village tavern!
I started, as I always start, by making a sketch with references that I researched so that later it would be more practical to have an idea to model.

Once the sketch was finished, I started modeling by parts of the character. From the beginning I model in separate parts until I have completed all the basic details needed.

Then, I start by cleaning and simplifying the geometry. I put everything together in one model, in one object so that it is practical after painting.

Once the geometry is simplified, I start painting. I always use Blender Texture Paint, and I detailed the textures.

When finished, a skeleton is placed to be animated and thus come to life. This phase is Rogerio Perdiz who takes charge of doing it.

And so she was finished and ready to serve.

I repeat, that all work is done only and exclusively with Blender.

If you are curious about our project, access the link:

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Hope you like it!
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Best regards,
Rute Perdiz