the majorist problems in GE

there’s no alpha sorting in the BGE ! :mad: , prevents us from nice particles and from other things , the bone parent problem was solved lastly :yes: cool , but what about the alpha maps sorting ???
can’t a dev work on it ? :frowning:
Edit :- sorry if i was overreacting , but alpha sorting is very important :frowning: .

You seem to be under the incorrect assumption that we have loads of developers.

You seem to be under the incorrect assumption that we have loads of developers.

:frowning: , here lurks the problem , the folks who get care of BGE isn’t too much :frowning: .
we really should make anything to call some Devlopers to Devolope or maintain BGE .

That is why Project Apricot is going. Crystal space and other game engines are much more powerful, and better integration will make it much easier to make games for these engines in blender.

Maybe you could solve this with Python and distance from camera?

Objects that are further away get drawn first.

Objects closer get drawn last.

Nice little project for someone :wink:

@fobsta , good idea , but it will not be 100 % . accurate

use some shaders …

the majorist problems in GE

It’s “most major” not majorest.

you are true this not the majorist problem in bge. Maybe the speed of the engine … For example I took a character put some normal mapping (2 k poly) and then a level with maybe 500 poly with texture ( 512) and some lightmap (128) it was running with 25 fps, so particules and any effects even if it work wont be accurate since you cannot handle many effect in the same time. Most of people don’t understand that blender cannot do something else that a good n64. It’s pointless to look for effect when running a game with ai a good graphics is painfull

Well that’s not exactly true. AI consumation depends on how clean you write your code. Texture consumation depends on how you save images(in what format what qty…ect) One 512 texture can be 800kb and with same quality it can be 80kb…if you are good at image editting programs you will know how. Polys on the scene depends on the structure of the game…LOD system and so on.
Mindless use of alot of polys is not proffesional. Many commercial games uses small amount of polys at a time…and still the graphic is great…you don’t need 1000 polys per house if they are far away from you.

Well being an ex Nintendo 64 developer I would have loved to have 500 polys (1000 tris?), 512 colour texture and a lightmap.

I think the largest textures we could have were 32x64 16 bit colour or 64x64 256 indexed colour :wink: Joking aside speeding up the game engine would be great. But IMHO fixing the outstanding bugs should come first.

To handle alpha drawing problems we would use Multigens Ningen or Gamegen to define what objects got drawn first and what objects got drawn last. We had a heirachy view a bit like the Outliner but better that would draw objects from left to right.

It would be great to specify drawing order in Blender. It would make a GREAT Peach feature.

haidme, I was thinking of for example an simple astar script which use a lot a cpu. I was planning to make a AI and I put a lot of effort on it. It wasn’t working but it was with boxes, not even with characters. With the same computer I tried irrlicht or ogre simple demo and the fps was a way better. The main problem is not about the render and stuff it’s just about the leak the bug and the general speed of computation. Blender learn me a lot but I really suprised to see people expecting blender to be something else than an simple engine.

and yes the bug fix is important but don’t forget the speed.

A random funny glitch. i was working on a small demon thing. It had no colision faces, it wasn’t dynamic. all it had was a simple looping ipo. With sumo gravity, everything was fine, but with bullet, my PHYSICS level of all things jumped to 99%. there was nothing physics needed to handle, yet it devoured my frame rate. i thought that was kinda funny an wanted to tell you guys.