The mandatory head modell

Hi there,

Been playing around with Blender now for a couple of months now and thought I would try out the “mandatory” task of making a head.

Im now at the texturing-step and thought I’ll post the progress here to hopefully get some pointers on how to make it more realistic.

So here it is at it’s current state:

Planned future steps:

Fix the texture some more for example the ear-part.
Adding hair and eye-brows.
Light setup (the current light is just to see the model and texture clearly).

Any comments are much appreciated.

Best regards,


Just getting into 3D? I don’t think so. Just getting into Blender possibly buy you are not a noob. Not with a model like that. Unless however, your noobiness comes out when you post a wire. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I guess =)

I have now added a wire picture.

When it comes to modeling I’ve been following tutorials. The hardest part was the ear and attaching it to the head. I belive there are plenty of flaws in the wire model but using subsurf makes it very forgiving =)

my chief issue is the forehead, which is a bit strange looking.Of course, that could easily pass for stylistic, and be covered up by the hair.

The eyes look a little funny right now; you might want to check them against the rule of thumb that the head is usually about 5 eye-widths wide, even if the eyes aren’t necessarily placed on those specific points. The curve of the human eye is actually pretty sharp, the resulting deep crevice on the inside corner of the eye is usually just unnoticed because of indirect lighting.

The chin and eyesockets might be a little off, but I’m not sure; could you post up a front and side picture of the model?

His lips look very thin, as if pursed, but maybe that’s intentional.

Also, his forehead seems to go higher than the rest of his head, which is not very common in reality.

Yep, I agree. I have kind of forgot about the forhead and the top head in general because as you said it will be covered by hair. But now when you mention it the forehead need to be a bit more rounded and/or flattened I think.

Yep, the eyes need some more work. I was thinking about adding a more of a shelf on the lower eye-lid where it meets the eyes surface.

Front and side images:

I forgot to mention that this is kind of a self portrait and my lips kind of look like that :o
The lips are thin and the space between the upper lip and the bottom base of the nose is a bit longer then on most people :slight_smile:

The forehead needs to be corrected though.

One thing I noticed when using subsurf is that I have to move the vertices/edges/faces almost excessivly to get a noticable change on the subsurfed surface. So in some cases vertices on the wiremodel is way of comparing to the rendered model. Is this common or have I done something wrong?