The Many Benefits of Drawing

Hi All,

Thought perhaps others might find this an interesting and useful article on drawing. A little something that may help one’s art and piece of mind. I think it’s a practice that I will start myself.

Cheers and happy blending!


I would recommend “Draw like a Sir” on YouTube.

I’ve learned quite a lot from him.

It certainly would have aided me mightily had I actually been able to draw.

My nephew can do it effortlessly. (I hate him …) :wink:

Can’t go past - Andrew Loomis:

I’ve owned “Fun With A Pencil” and “Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth” for a while now pretty much well worth spending my shekel’s on, learning the ‘dark-art’ of putting graphite too paper drawing stuff, freehand :+1:

I have a dozen of A6 or A7 of papers in front of me. And at any point through the day I just throw in whatever doodle in there.

Say for example you want to draw a bazooka for bananas, just draw it and do not think.

Thinking destroys creativity.

I have a nephew who can today sit down and “just crank out” a beautiful colored comic strip in less than an hour.

I hate him … :wink:

… because I have long ago resigned myself to this fact: “I can’t draw.”