The Marine

Hey everyone its been some time but I’m glad to be back at making stuff again so here’s what i been working on its a character with some aspects based on “The Punisher” I will be glad to hear your feedback!

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Nice shots, but I would suggest to work some more on the face and anatomy overall.
There is no point to go for expressions unless you have solid ground.
Try to work out more on facial features like eyes, and mouth in still pose.
It looks bit stylised but I’m not sure whats up with eyebrows, those are to much simplified and don’t fit this concept well in my opinion. Keep up good work and pushit further.

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Thank you for your feedback, maybe do you have any tips on how i might improve the anatomy?

In my opinion you should practice more with references, and at the beginning do not focus on details, but only on main shapes and planes. Anatomy is quite deep topic to grasp in single advice :slight_smile: but there is plenty materials online, sculpture channels on YT and other stuff. I would suggest to do studies on the single body parts, and try to do them as many as you can.
Especially faces are challenging, becouse there is so many details and nuances.
here is nice face anatomy breakdown:
Planes of the Face
Row 1
Row 2 (Lleft, Right), & 3
Row 2, Right
Row 4
Row 5
Row 6,7, & 8

I dont know if your model is created by you from scratch ?.. but it looks kind generic without those “sexy” features. So if you are working on some downloaded model, they are usually neutral in terms of silhouette and low in details.
So thats about general stuff, in this particular case I pointed some basic mistakes below and in attached picture.
As for your character that should be quite badass, he is lacking of muscle details, arms are too lean and thats not enough readable silhouette for that kind of character.

I sugest also as you sculpting in blender to use voxel remesher and gradialy decrease voxel size as you go into details, but always start with basic forms and planes on reasonably low res mesh.

I hope it will help some, and sorry if my english is painfull :stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck!

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Actually i made the base mesh in makehuman but this time i will redo it on my own following your tips and see what i get thanks a lot!

I followed some references and decided to start from scratch instead of a base mesh and this is what i have so far!

Some update on the head mesh!

Now i’m working on the eyes and cheekbones
my next step is to put more details into the eyes and start working on the mouth and lips

Made some slight changes and decided to play around with materials to get a better feel of the character

You have to study proportions carefully.
Dont worry if it didnt turn out great at first attempt.
Your head is too much squared and jaw is too wide, eye socked aren’t deepd enough and it has few more issues.
Keep working and refining, try to do some less detailed sculpts with more focus on the proportions.


is this any better?

I’m trying to go for a rough square head perhaps a little stylized i’m still trying to get the proportions right but I feel like Jon Bernthal has a very square head and i guess that is what i’m going for xD


Yeah his face is quite sharp, there are some improvement but still something is missing. I drew silhouette off his face on top of your sculpt… it looks like jaw still is too wide, eyes should go down a bit, scull should be bigger. Use more directional light to see te sculpt topology better by the way. Male neck usually is the same width as the jaw.

I’am attaching example I did recently, also trying to match likeness to some character…still not satiffied :stuck_out_tongue:
I would suggest you to use matcap with simmetrical lighting and drop some shadow from time to time to see how things are :wink: When I will work on next face sculpt I will send some early stage to show what I mean by low detail exploration. Keep pushing.

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I just did quick 1h sketch of Jon to practice and deliver some usefull tips perhaps:)
This is what came out.
I recorded video but dont know yet how to compress it to timelaps.
When I figure it out, I’ll let you know.


Damnnnn! it’s mind blowing how you did all of that in 1 hour are you a professional? :scream:
Well I think i made some progress:

but i’m struggling with the eyelids a bit…on my next render i’m going to fix the cheekbones the eye sockets and eye muscles and find a way to fix the eyelids as well, sculpt the ears and hopefully the mouth. Keep the tips coming i appreciate the help a lot!

Glad you like it.
I’am not really a professional yet,
I am an architect who is aspiring for vfx, gamedev, film etc…

here is timelaps x10, I did it in blender ( compressing video)… ehhh god bless Blender ! :smiley:

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You’re awesome! I’m just a kid who wants to be a 3D artist one day and you such an inspiration for me!
By the way my last renders

Nice, youre going in good direction, much better then first iteration.
Usually i put some spheres in eyes sockets during sculpting eyes area it helps a lot,
you can see this in timelaps.
So if you young you have plenty of time to improve :slight_smile:
Just practice deliberately and systematically and effects will come.
I dont have so much time to spent nowadays so I have to rush and grind how much I ( and my family:)) can handle :stuck_out_tongue:

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What do you think about these?