The Marphoi Project — King of Majesty, Music Video/animation

Hi guys,

Today the major project I’ve been working on for 6months is live on the InterTubes. The Marphoi Project’s song, King of Majesty.

Please check it out and let me know what you think. And please share and all that stuff if you like it.

or if you prefer YouTube:

Thanks for watching!

Really well done.

Thanks ComputerWhiz :slight_smile:

Gratuitous bump, but here’s the trailer in case you’re pushed for time to watch the full video :slight_smile: I’ve got a little blooper reel and some tutes to do based on this too (linked cloth sim and compositing) I’ll try to put up soon.

I liked both (music and animation).
That’s a great animation!

Well done! My favorite part was the swirling rock and light effects.

Cool. Yeah that was fun to do :slight_smile: Glad you liked it.

Thanks CurtYoung. Glad you liked the music too! The clip has just been featured on Jungle Indie Rock!:
And on their featured new artists page!!


Really cool camera work ! Framing, movements, cuts… the colours, too ! And obviously the cloth reacts very well, there must have been a lot of tweaking to get collisions right and all…? Only thing I don’t like is the character’s face, I feel it’s a bit lazily defined - both the mask and the actual face. Great job nonetheless !

Thanks for watching Hadriscus :slight_smile: And appreciate the feedback. I think I get what you mean with the face/s too. A bit of a ‘if I had my time again’ thing. And yes the cloth was…challenging. Of the 800 hours on the project, I spent about 70 or 80 just dealing with that cloth. Cheers!