The Marriage Proposal

This is part of my nearly obsessive experimentation with human skin textures. The characters themselves were created with MakeHuman Alpha 8. Will be working on this scene for quite a while as it is the cover art to a story I will be releasing in one form or another in the next few weeks.

In this scene Ely Malone, a newly minted Merchant Captain has proposed marriage to Lin Bai whom he has been dating for over five years. Lin had just about given up (helped in no small part by her mother) on the idea that the relationship was going anywhere.

The texturing on the hair, some of the clothes, and the vehicle looks looks pretty bad. So, what did you do when you exported them out from Make Human?

The shirt you see there is a new shirt in the MH list of clothing. Still trying to suss out how to make that shirt look better than it was. The vehicle in the background was “Hail Mary” attempt to produce a checkerboard yellow and black. The last time I used that it looked good and you’re right it looks awful now. Working on a UV map based texture for it so it acts consistent and maybe put “Joe’s Taxi” or some such on the side.

I finally figure out what went wrong with the hair and I’ll be posting an improved render later. Some things will still suck.

I see. Sometimes it’s best to UV map it in Blender. That way it won’t look so weired. It looks like that it has too much wrinkles or the actual pattern looks stretched.

  • It’s a little confusing. I don’t get the vehicle type thing with no wheels, and a strange texture, floating above his head? If it’s supposed to be further back then you need to work with the composition to make that clear (think about aerial perspective, object placement etc).
    -The texturing of the grass needs fixing. It’s too low res and very stretched.
    -The male character is quite deformed. You will need to either rig him differently, or fix the mesh (might work in edit mode, but you could even sculpt it…I think multires works when the armature hasn’t been applied, dyntopo would mess up your UVs).
  • The characters in the background appear jumbled (look at the feet).
  • The background texture? I can’t tell what it is supposed to be, but it looks a bit low res again.
  • Everyone’s hair looks a bit odd.
  • Fence texture isn’t projected properly, or the fence is not UV unwrapped at all.

I wouldn’t worry about the skin textures for now.

It’s a hovertaxi. The setting is suppose to be sci-fi in nature.

Got the shirt to do what I wanted, got rid of the grav-taxi since I can’t get the darn thing to look right. Looking for a better grass texture since I’m not happy with it. (Someone said it best, low-res and choppy)

There is now a monument in the background partially blocking the city-scape backdrop I’m using. More changes coming.

I start the renders right before bed and let them run overnight because they take a very long time on my laptop. Hopefully soon I’ll have a better box (building one piece at a time).