The Mask

Lastest personal project, The Mask

For artwork breakdown, clay render and details please visit my whole project on artstation:

Let me know what you think! Thanks


Nice materials and models. Is there a story behind this mask? I’m intrigued what would happen if you touched it.

That’s Loki’s mask … clearly this would happen …

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Omg. So embarrassing. I totally forgot how it looked like.

To your defense it’s not exactly how it is in the movie :smiley:

NeverTilt is right … it’s not exactly the same. I did a quick image search to make sure I was right before I posted! :slight_smile:

But I remember watching that movie in the '90s and being fascinated by the CGI and then reading in depth articles on the making of, so it stuck with me!

Perfect mask. Great work man

Thanks man! :slight_smile: