The mass doesn't work

Hi, when I make a particle simulation the “mass” option doesn’t seem to make any difference.
Whether I set the mass to 0.000000001 or 100000000 the particles moves the same way.
Any setting I’ve missed?

Since this is the only thread that specifically mentions this issue, I wanna bump it, always wanted to know what the Mass does in particles, cause I’ve never noticed any difference like the OP

Mass do it for a wind field for example, gravity does not take care of mass, all masses fall at the same speed, what is right.

Yeah I realised that to. It’s the same old “if a bowlingball and a feather falls in vacuum, they fall at the same speed!” again. So the solution is just to add an air resistance; easily simulated with the “drag” force field! :smiley:

It’s simple physics. Just watch this clip of a physics lecture by Walter Lewin.

No matter the mass, the particle will move the same way.
You’re welcome.