The material pit of doom

(Arnis) #1

Hi, Everyone!

I’ve been practicing Blender for a while now and the most common problem I run into between every project is that I get stuck in tweaking the procedural materials all the time.

Just pushing the ‘slider’ a bit to the left or right changes everything so much that I want to keep pushing them for hours… How do you get out of this time consuming pit?

(kesonmis) #2

Stop pushing the sliders, train your self control. Work on other aspects that are lagging behind because of fiddling with materials.

(Arnis) #3

Thanks for the tip!

I kind of came up with my own strategy to stop pushing those sliders. I’m now trying to come up with the materials before I start modelling. I know this kind of switches the classic workflow, but I’m not really into the classic CG, more into look development, where everything kind of starts with materials.

Thank you again @kesonmis and good luck!

(NeOmega) #4

it is part of the learning proceds. keep fiddling to help yourself understand it.