[ The Matrix ] - [ 20 Minutes ]




I’ll add an explanation…

I approached this SMC as if I was the Wachowski Bros working on the sequels…

…tons of bullshit and absolutely nothing of value.

Hate to go off topic, but I agree completely when it comes to Reloaded. But Revolutions I thought was relatively decent.

There were aspects yes…but on the whole I can barely watch it. Any of the massive fight sequences with the exceedingly crappy and overused CG stunt men are literally close my eyes moments. The only thing that really pulls me through the rest of the ridiculous storyline are some of the concepts and a few of the scenes. (Merovingian for example…looove that scene).

If you want to see an example of how truly awesome the sequels could have been, check out…

All credit to Dorkman.

Haha. Listened through, and that version of reloaded does sound a hell of a lot better. But still, I may be alone in this, but I liked most of Revolutions. Especially the final scenes where Neo goes to the machine city to destroy Smith. And, although the Matrix is by far the best movie, Revolutions contains one of my favorite moments in the series, that being when Neo and Trinity fly above the cloud layer and see the real sun. Just liked that part, as neither of them had ever seen the real sun in their lives.