The Matrix Recoded

Hi Everyone,

I’m working on a small “rip off” project. As part of some real work I’m doing in my PhD, I’m presenting some 3D graphics that show the measured motion of a joint in the limb of a horse. This is quite new stuff in equine research. To play up the technology aspect, and for the “wow factor”, I’m planning to show a quick “Matrix version” of the computer model of the joint.

I’ve written some initial code in Java that generates the “falling strands” of the Matrix. I’m aware of the x-screensaver implementation of this, but I wanted to have a go myself.

Here’s an initial test scene:
Showing the strands falling in multiple layers (multiple transparent mesh planes) in a box.

The movie is here: (2.2 MB)
(you’ll need the DivX codec)

This will be the “title” for the reel:

I have many improvements to make on my code. I’m planning to make the “strands” move smoothly (particularly the bright hero strands), and at a variety of different speeds. However, the initial layering test above looks quite promising.

Bearing in mind that this is just the first test, any comments would be welcome.

Jonathan Merritt.

I should point out that my code just generates the 2D textures. Everything else is Blender! 8)

Would it be possible to turn this into a texture plugin for blender?

Looks great!

One criticism, though, is that it looks to me like a textured box. I do not know if this is what you had intended… I would turn on “CalcAlpha” in texture buttons and then turn alpha to 0 (this would erase the black, keep the green.) If you put more of the boxes behind it, it would give a more 3D look. If that was the look your were going after, great job!

I think it might look better if you use a lot of textured planes with transparency, at least 4-5 walls thick on all sides, instead of a box. Some textured planes could fall from random locations as well, just like in the movie.