The Matrix Refracted

Indigo. (Click for larger version.)

i love the absract feeling.
(edit)how long did it take to render?

zomg cubes!!1

EDIT: Nice cubes, though. XD And all that glass must’ve played merry hell with indigo.

You’re sure good at making cubes look good.

When I first saw the word, matrix, I thought it would have something to do with the green binary from the movies.

What’s XD?:confused:

trak, it took about 25 hours of render time.

Wow pretty long render time…yea and i’ve always wondered what “XD” is?

Beveled edges would look sweet but probably take a decade to render!

I think “XD” is anime, I think it’s like this:

See how it looks "XD"ish?

yeah but cant he just use the smilies provided instead of confusing people.

trak, it took about 25 hours of render time.
So, this must be one of those works that takes longer to render than to actually model…

…if one equates modeling with the calculable arranging of cubes.

Everyone I know uses XD, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue: