The Maya community is actually very very friendly and open to Blender!

Yesterday, I uploaded a video I have made to bring people from outside Blender into it and the Maya community is overwhelming open to this possibility by the look of the dis-proportionally number of up-votes compared to the second last top post.

This video was partially created because a day ago I was talking to a friend who was genuinely puzzled by why I would use Blender and I could see it from my friend’s eyes the fear of Blender’s reputation, I told my friend that 2.8 is coming out soon but in the meantime, I created this video to put my friend at ease.
Trigger Warning: this video will piss off “Blender can do no wrong Fan Boys”.

The Maya circle feels like a community of really nice people, almost makes me want to learn Maya just to be part of the pleasantness !

Also, bring your Maya friends in ;p
Share the joy of Blender with everyone :smiley: !

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Nice video! :slight_smile:

Seems to be directed more towards 3DSMax users in terms of the hotkey configuration, but I guess Maya users could just do the same according to their preferences.

It would be worth mentioning in the video that changing so many hotkeys might have a big impact on how well new users can follow tutorials and use addons, as well as 2.8 being a lot more friendly for Maya users (myself being one of them).

Good to see the positive response, I hope more and more people give Blender a go in the future.