The Mazy Automobile

This is my second work finished in blender. Its a concept car that I designed a few years ago. The rendering was done with Blender, with post work done Gimp. This is the last car I will do for a while so I wanted it to look good (plus I wanted to challenge and improve my skills). I call it Amandi.

p.s. it looks best with the monitor brightness turned up.

Crazy, a great car model! Nice topology and lighting. 4 stars!

Really nice! I like it.
Only I think it looks a little plasticy in parts.

folllowed this in the WIP section.great work mayn!!!

Looks great to me. 5 stars

Please guys, it is a good work, but no where near to a 5 stars work. If we won’t rate with a bit of sense, the rating system will be useless.

The lighting of this scene is objectively terrible. There are some modelling glitches and there is not shading work worth to comment on.

Hence my not rating 5 stars. Though it would be helpful to rwrite the rating system. Why have two stars for bad work? You might as well post none.
Wavinator, Im not dissing your work or anything, I think it looks great, but prob not gallery material(which is pretty much what 5 stars is)