the McLaren MP4/4

This is McLaren MP4/4 from 88 season of Formula1, i´ve been working on it for some time and i feel it´s time to stop so i decided to post the result here, i hope you guys like!:smiley:



Perfect renders! I love all those small technical details, they make the car look very realistic.
Please tell me where you got the road images from, they are insane :slight_smile:

This is incredible…
Would look good in a racetrack, maybe some motion blur or even in the pits

thanks man, am on this Project for almost 8 months And i try to recreate all of those minimum details, the images i have take from , they have tons of good free images there

thanks… imagens from race tracks with suficient quality To compose on the render is very dificult to found, have To recreate some.