The Mechanical Man Part 3 Renders

Some renders of my new manor model for Part 3 of the Mechanical Man. Criticisms/feedback is welcome as I’m trying to improve the visuals.



And here we are down at the local Avonstow Pub/Inn.

I just can’t see them well enough with the lighting. I can see these better.

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Noted. Thanks

When the floor and ceiling have detailed patterns (of similar size), the background can become busy. By scaling one texture up (in this case the ceiling) there is more variation and more YAH. And darkened the ceiling to further push it to the back.

Blender has camera composition guides. I made sure the character was aligned. (She was close.) Viewport display > Composition guides > Thirds.

Make the character pop from the background by lighting them well and giving them color.

Add a roughness (or specular) map (even just a simple one) to the wood paneling. It will help the panels stand out more.

In the Office Scene, there are 2 main light sources and they look about equal in value.

You can direct the viewer to what will happen next or what is important. If someone is going to be coming to the door and she is about to turn and look at them, light the door more.

Else, she is about to read or do something on the desk top, then make the desk lamp the brightest.

With the wood paneling, on one wall you can modify the UV maps so that it stretches the full length of the wall and create some variation. Like the back wall could have a single panel instead of double panel (looking at the back wall).

Adding even a small bevel to sharp edges, like the building and stonewall corners will help to soften them.

Thank you so much! Are you a teacher by any chance? Will take these things into consideration in future. So helpful :smiley: