The Mesh Deform is pushing the object out away from bones.


Can someone please help with my example, I have the bones moving and the cylinder moves away out of the mesh deform box

I would like the cylinder to move with the bones and would love to apply the mesh deform to the cylinder.
even with stiffness and other settings very high the cylinder goes nuts.

your welcome to press play and the animation will directly show you what im talking about
is there anyway to bind the cylinder to the bone?

shaker.blend (1.96 MB)


Hi, There is so much going on for so few objects & so many things ‘wrong’ I don’t know where to start. It looks like maybe its an arm with a sleeve ?? Please clarify what it is and what you are trying to do. If this is a characters arm you need to check out DanPro’s YT channel.

I might have not been so clear sorry for that.

I didnt want to upload my character due to size in MB, tho i made a new blender file with only the char, compressed it.

press play, the boobs fall when she kneels
I dont know why… I followed tutorials online and the character boobs jiggle at the start… but as she bends the boobs go for a walk!!

I also was experimenting with a tail on the girl and the tail also drops much like the boobies…

I must be missing something somewhere or doing a step wrong.

Attachments (1.56 MB)

HaHa - I got it, i’m more of a mechanical rigger so i’m of no help to you on this…

Usually it’s because the bones are parented to something they are not supposed to be or the …err wayward mesh is skinned to another bone. Check all bones for skinning.