The mesh problem

Hi…I need some advice, please. When armature (bhv) join with mesh (makehuman) so in resulting animation stick out meaningless lines from mesh. I know that the problem will be in edit mode mesh, where armature and mesh have a different position, but i dont know how fix it…Thanx


You need to adjust your vertex weights. Those points are not moving because the automatic weight assignment didn’t assign any bones to influence them.

Try searching for a “weight painting” tutorial on YouTube. It is not hard to do once you know where you are going, but it helps to have some direction to get the UI into the correct mode.

basicly, the vertices that ar not movign didnt get auto weight painted because they are too far from the bone, blender assumed they would go with another bone because of that distance.

As Kastoria said, you can either weight paint them to the bone or add them to the vertix group manually by selecting the vertices, then the group, then assinging them with a weight of 1

it works yet , thanks a lot

Another problem appeared…When walking with character in GAME§ then be creating gap in the most moving parts…please some advice…and why is character so transparent…thanx

Did you create the entire mesh as one unit, or as individual pieces you later joined? Are you certain all vertices are joined and duplicates removed?

I didn’t create mesh, I uploaded from humanmaker it

If you didn’t create the mesh it’s always a good idea to go through it and be certain it’s set up to use as you need. I’d delete half, make any changes or adjustments to the remaining half, and then use mirror modifier to assure the entire object is now as you want it.

I tried it, but didn’t work it

Does anyone know how to fix it? Always when i create weight paint whole character so then i discover this problem.Any vertex isn’t blue. thanx