The milking of Spore begins, cute and creepy parts pack for 20 bucks;title;4

EA is happy with the game that has DRM, so now they’re going to milk this game for all its worth.

There better be more parts then you can possibly sort through all usable with the ‘smart’ code. Otherwise it’s just EA trying to be greedy and sucking you dry of money because you spend it all on little packs that don’t add much relative to the origional game.:rolleyes:

Spore is like trying to eat a shit burger, oh sure it looks good at first, but you soon realize that maybe that little fussy pleb on your shoulder was right when he was warning, you are about to buy a piece of SHIT on buns!

Cry harder. Perhaps then they will stop making expansions.

Not crying, laughing.
And so will EA, all the way to the bank.


So, what else is new?


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Or Maybe we should just forget about it.

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Stupid EA

That was highly informative.

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Hmm, let’s have a poll:

1)Lock this thread.
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My vote: 2.
Reason: I like eggs.

I don’t know… I don’t what to throw my vote away… what’s option 4?

I may have an interview with EA…but I dont think this would be a good thing to bring up in the interview. I’ll reserve my vote for later.

Hi Dr. Nick!

They are completely missing the point. I just read an article about Spore DRM that completely ignored the fact that if EA stopped torturing valid customers and thus encouraging piracy their problems would be gone. Just remove the DRM and watch what happens EA.

Anyway, off topic: What’s your favorite anime? Mine atm is Fullmetal Alchemist.

EDIT: Looking at the thread title it’s no wonder the spambot visited. “pack for 20 bucks”