The Milky Way

Hi. I thought I’d try making a galaxy pattern. Please tell me what you think! :slight_smile:

(Bear in mind I wasn’t using a reference image - I wasn’t really aiming for accuracy.)

Turn the vector option off from the particles, the texture needs to be more mist/cloud like.

But I think the shape is more or less correct.

Is it better now? Anyone have any more comments?

I forgot to thank you for your suggestions hippie. How rude of me :-? Well I’ll thank you now… thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, pretty good start, but I’d say it’s not completed.

Take a look at this

It’s what galaxy probably looks like (we don’t really know exactly as we can’t see all of it).

It does need to be more misty and it needs to have about 2 large spiraling arms and thinner mist around those. It’s not as uniform as your rendering.

To regular. Great start nevertheless. Maybe if you would add ‘dark matter’, meaning a particle system with dark spots to add some variety. Great colors!

Wow thanks for all the advice! :smiley:

Your right Valkyr its not complete. I rattle off pics and then call them complete when I get stuck :stuck_out_tongue: I was thinking of a similar Nasa pic when designing, but its true, the real galaxy isn’t uniform. I like your idea, Jerri, of a dark matter particle system. Glad the colours look good to you! By that way I like the look of your sight, although I can’t read German.

Thanks again guys.