The Miller house, iconic mid century design, need motivation to finish

Hi guys,

a while ago, I started on the Miller House in Columbus. The story is great, Mr. Miller made a fortune by being the CEO of Cummins (or something like that). He had love for modern architecture and his little hometown of Columbus, Indiana. He started commissioning star architects for various buildings in this little town, financing them all. His own house is designed by Eero Saarinen and the interior decoration is made by Alexander Girard. I love how it is minimalistic modern architecture, yet it has a warm and cozy feeling.

I have spent a good week on it. I started with the sunken sofa (of course). I generated patterns for all the cushions. I collected plans and references. I have collected a ton of CC assets from all around the internet. I have modeled the full library, then started on the kitchenware. Then the RAM limitations of my computer have discouraged me. My original plan was to bring the environment in VR, but the goal seems to get further away every day.

What do you guys think? A little comment would certainly help me opening the file again :smiley:

Other renders and progress

The library

In full

Looking towards the kitchen

The trendy kitchenware

Complementing CC assets with my own photogrammetry (it was Christmas time…)

Early renders


I love it! I don’t understand why sometimes great stuff like this gets no response here… makes no sense. I say, keep up the good work and post your progress!

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@DaveStromberger Hey Dave, thanks for the kind words! Yeah, I thought the thread did not find its home, but some people dig through them to make my day 2 months afterwards apparently, so all good, life is full of nice surprises.
Your words help me try and dig up the project and finish it somehow.
I’ll be sure to post updates.
Wish you a great day

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Great job with this! The interior studio view is beautiful.

This reminds me of a place in Italy called Casa La Scala, I believe.

I found one picture of it somewhere online, and did my best guess on the proportions:

I love this style of architecture. Every house should have a sunken conversation pit.

I’ve got a couple other modern houses like this I’ve started but haven’t finished modeling. They’re based on one photo from one angle, so even using fSpy, getting the proportions right is a bit wonky.

If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the specs for your model? Is there a registry somewhere full of (hopefully free) floor plans, or did you speculate based on photos?

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Thanks for the kind words! As it is a famous house, I had no difficulty finding reasonnable plans through Google images. The ceiling height has been eyeballed from reference pictures.

That’s a lot of good work here ! Well done !
It would be really cool to finish it, although it’s understandable that sometime you need a little break !
You can always come back at it latter with a fresh mind, let the motivation grow and don’t force it, a least to me it never work !

Good luck and I hope to see it finished at some point !

Ah, Google — of course!

I did a search for Miller House and saw what you have to work with. Man, there are some great resources available, obviously due to Eero Saarinen being so influential.

I don’t know why I didn’t think to do the same for Casa La Scala — such a Blorbo move — but once I did I found a bunch more reference photos, including a floor plan.

It turns out that because the photographer had chosen an “interesting” angle to shoot from, my estimation of the shape of the building was WAY off. And the rest of the site is even cooler than I had imagined.

Thanks for the tip!

Yay! Sunken sofas! Man, floor designs spanning multiple steps and heights are fun!

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Yeah, sunken sofas rock!