The Minds Eye

My new game is a story in the future when all the humans are extinct, except you. In the past a spaceship of a failed mission crashed into the world, when it crashed many government agents quickly picked it apart find a block of unknown material with two emeralds embedded in the sides. when the agents returned with this strange pillar you and the team of scientist were examining it closely when you blacked out and woke on a deserted Island (With a panther and and unlimited source of carrots). While on this Island you get this thought to go toward the pillar and touch it, this will start you on your journey to find out why it saved you from destruction. (Beware of ghost things the are memories and will return you to the present)

Thanks for and comments

Here are pictures of the island and the first level(eventually a tutorial)

There are a few more but I can’t get anymore right now(The sepia in the second level sometimes doesn’t work)

I have fixed Some of the 2d filter stuff and created some music for the island level.

This game has come to a stand still if anybody has any suggestions for a next level please give suggestions.

I would suggest making a level where you get to play as the panther…

Then you could do panther things.

That sounds good, He was going to be important later in the game and his parts could be from his past (Spoiler: He’s an alien)