The mine - Sweet home


Housing in a cliffside mine.

In this post apocalyptic mining city, built on a cliff, people take the time to contemplate, to tinker, to improve the city. The whole mine is powered by a giant paddle wheel, it circulates water throughout the city and air for the mine. Despite all this huge machinery that never stops and the inhospitable nature of the site, the inhabitants can have a sweet and contemplative life. They have another relation to time.

It’s a very long-term project that started a few months ago. There should be around 8 renderings in total. Blender 2.93 brings a big plus for the realization of assets, thanks to Geometry Nodes. I model as much as possible in non-destructive.

I realized almost all of the assets. Except for the chairs and the swing which comes from BlenderKit and the cliff backgroud which comes from Sketchfab.

Textures from : / / /

Edit : The second render : The mine - Greenhouse

Insta :

Asset with Geometry Nodes ;

tomates geonode

Also, it was the opportunity to learn Python and develop a little (free) addon to improve my workflow :

The topic of the add-on : BagaPie Addon - #42 by chip83
Download Beta :
An example of the addon :

ivy bagapie

I would have liked to render a video for each shot, but I’ll probably wait for Cycles X. Currently, the render time was 4 to 6 minutes per frame (before the persistent images were added) in Optix with a 3090 (and a 2070S when the scene allows it).

Below here is an (old) preview of what it should look like (some places are missing : forge and greenhouse). Almost everything is home made (even plants / grass and rocks). The trees are from 3D Shaker, but I have my own models made with Geometry Nodes in Blender 3.0 (badly, at the moment applying an edit breaks the UVs).

The simulation of the waterfall is not present in the preview. We did not have satisfactory results with Mantaflow, so we went with Flip Fluid (he was able to handle a 40m simulation ! :slight_smile: ).


Wow, loads of work! I love the carousel.

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Great work :+1:

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Thanks you =)

Incredible ! Like your tomato !

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Thank you ! :slight_smile:

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Love your work :heart: :+1:

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Love the concept with the story line as a backdrop
The brick oven and candles look great along with the timber construction and internal design layout…nice attention to detail. :orange_heart: :ok_hand:

The bright light streaming through the window over the Sunflowers appears to highlight some dust in the air (mine site), was this intentional with your lighting setup or a happy accident with render ‘noise’ ?..the dusty air appears to have a gradient falloff as the sunlight penetrates further into the internal space.

The hanging basket chair & cushions is a great addition to the scene, but was wondering…
…how does one find their way into this comfy chair? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks ! =)
Yeah ! The construction of the ladder to reach the chair is not yet finished, the people of the village have a lot of work in the greenhouse at the moment! =)

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