The Mirage

Hi All, Anyone care for a “cold one” ?
I made this just experimenting, after seeing Artur Rosa’s pic “9964 AD - the return”.
He does all his stuff in the VUE, and I wondered if I could achieve similar in Blender.
I guess that remains to be seen.:yes:
Comments welcome.



I don’t think it’s terrible. :smiley:

I had to look up the reference image. And it does appear to be a tough image to pull off outside of VUE.

If I give my thoughts on anything I think the transition between the materials of the wet and dry sand is the area that is probably the toughest and would be the most rewarding to master.

Just my thoughts. Keep it up!

BentFX: Thanks for the comment. You are right about the transitions. I finally used another plane and did a shrink wrap onto the shoreline,
then used a different material and texture with reflection, and got it somewhat close. I did try the texture paint add-on manager, but
don’t understand it well enough to make it work with texture layers. Anyway, I’ll just pluggin along until I do master it all.
Thanks again,

Hey there!

I love this image. Exactly what cg is for! I think that because of the ideas and the mood, this picture just tells a good story. So yes, well done for doing this, I’m a fan of any experimenting that goes beyond daily routines and isn’t harmful. Well done! Do more like these and maybe you can get a bit more sophisticated on the materials.


Good render from a technical perspective, keep up the good work!

juhada: and dreylliw:

Thank you both for the positive comments! I just wish I understood Blender better, so I could create scenes faster and easier.