The missing piece

A simple render ,I hope u like it :smiley:[email protected]/8411637180/in/photostream/lightbox/


Nice idea, looks good.

Nice and funny. It looks like a private joke that only Blender artists can understand. :smiley:

I would only change the image of the default cube with a view on the blend file used to make the image. :spin: Yeah, I have a twisted mind. :wink:

I love these kind of renders!! Technologically this is not that complex, but creatively unique and amazing. Great job!

^^ thanks.

I agree with Matve. Very creative!
It even looks like something that could have used for the illustration of their website.

Oh no… you saved the screenshot as a .jpeg, didn’t you? I originally thought the artifacts are caused by forum preview, but they are actually on the texture. Or was that an artistic aim?

Other than that, nice image.


the artifacts were cycles artistic aim :stuck_out_tongue: , (I tried to upload the .png high res but the web start bugging me ) you can see the image on flickr

Nice and creative indeed. But I got the impression that only some pieces are having reflections while the others only have a diffuse shader. Was it your intention ?

Haaha, good one!
But hey, where is the monkey head? :smiley:

as you noticed some have reflections _ a peace of glass on them_ and other dont, if you look from the right to the left you can see that they follow a particular order , as a consequence you notice that the last one on the top left needs a glass on it to make it complete, ==> its the missing piece :slight_smile: yay
-if Ton would change the default scene to a Camera-Lamp-Monkey , I would be happy to redo it :stuck_out_tongue:

Blender puzzle is made from way more pieces :wink: