'The Mist'

I took a friend to see this movie, and figured it would be all about the scare, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of cg used for the creatures and the giant walking thing towards the end. The lighting for the cg really worked considering they had the ‘mist’ to use as a medium - I think it made the realism more believable, and the cg less plastic like.
I won’t give up the ending, since it is a real ironic cinematic work horse, so please let’s not do that for awhile. I’d like to hear if anybody else liked the cg, or if they thought it was tired B movie rubbish. My favorite was the giant quadruped towards the ending, it reminded me a little of the creatures from Hellboy :slight_smile:

I felt the movie was pretty good. I was impressed by all of the CG except for the tentacle creature in the beginning. I enjoyed the spiders and quadruped very much. I think the creatures, especially the tentacle and quadruped creatures, were inspired by Lovecraft, which is why they likely remind you of Hellboy. (also inspired by Lovecraft) I would recommend this film anybody who enjoys monsters, mists, and CG.

I haven’t seen the movie, but the poster describing it is quite attention grabbing.

I cannot wait to see the movie. It was one of my favorite audio tapes years back. It was produced with high quality voice acting and 3D spatial sound. It really came to life in your head.

Eh, I saw the commercials, and I thought the following:

The store will have both mini-lighters and hairspray bottles (or something else to make the flame-thrower out of).

Since mist is simply water vapor, all you would need to do is make the mini flame-thrower, and use it to clear your way through the mist, and fight whatever is out there.

The Mist, also known as Stephen King’s The Mist, is a 2007 American horror film based on the 1980 novella The Mist by Stephen King. The film is written and directed by Frank Darabont, who had previously adapted Stephen King’s work and had been interested in adapting The Mist for the big screen since the 1980s. With an ensemble cast including Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Toby Jones, and Andre Braugher, Darabont began filming The Mist in Shreveport, Louisiana in February 2007. The director revised the ending of the film to be darker than the novella’s ending, a change to which Stephen King was amicable. Unique creature designs were also sought to differ from creatures in past films. The Mist was commercially released in the United States and Canada on November 21, 2007.

ehhh, thanks for the press release aarathi.

I thought the movie was great, but that ending was awful(in a good way). I thought the novella was fantastic as well.

CG was good, except for the tentacle at the beginning. They should have made a real tentacle prop.

Thank you, Wikipedia.

Haha I had the audio tape too! It was really good. I cant wait to take a girl I hardly know to see it. Nothing like scary movie and being the pillow!

That was amazing.

My favorite part was when Ollie shot that religious fanatic who was exploiting everyones fears for her own psychotic/demented satisfaction.

Everyone in the theater clapped when that dumb bitch took a well deserved slug in the forehead.

Now, I know this is just a movie, which usually means that things tend to be a little exaggerated, but I think it’s important to keep in mind: People like her actually exist in the real world.

That’s what really scares me, especially since I live in the US.


Did anyone find similarities between (or what the soldier described as) the “Arrow Head” project, and the whole backdrop of the “Half Life/2” universe?

Just add some water vapor to Black Mesa. :smiley:

I dont heared about this movie, I do heared about THE MYTH, but noything about the mist. Can you please tell me something about it???

Anyone know where I can see the concept art for the monsters, or renders of the monsters?