The misterious tree

A little forest scene, I’ve been working on, the last week or so. More on the process in the next post.


So this is where I started from. Thumbnails painted in photoshop one late night a week ago. I was naive enough to think I can finish something like this in a night… We live and learn

Some sample color schemes I did, out of which I chose how I wanted my final image to feel.
I chose the cooler tones, because they convey some mistery and contrast nicely with the foreground.

I love this. It is very well thought out and simple to see how it’s working. :slight_smile: I know that my problem is that I get lost in a lot of details in Blender these days. I think that’s part of the learning curve. Images like this remind me to keep things simple. :wink:

nice color scheme, and good sense of space. nice!

This is what the final mesh looked like. Not too fancy, I suppose. The tree was made with ngPlant with some minor alterations. I had a previous tree with much better silhouette, which I modelled from scratch, but unfortunately I couldn’t place leaves on it realistically enough and I turned to the generation software.

Original render image size and format is 16bit PNG, 3000x1900px. Total render time goes around the 12 hour mark - it took me 3 nights for the final render.
This is the final composite render. It consists of around 7-8 different layers, which I composited and color graded in phototshop.

This as you already have seen is the result of the grading.

And here are some details in the native resolution of the render.


maybe some volumatric lighting comming from rightabove, just lilke your photoshop paintings?

I have a volumetric layer, but I blurred it, because it seemed way too harsh.

Hmm, ok. I see the volumetric, but the direction is harder to spot.

Well done, nice lighting and colours.

Maybe some improvements in the grass in the foreground, but…